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power supply pdf download link :  : https://ws.onehub.com/files/r1c8lsyq


the drip u73b compressor 

a MASTERPIECE of design and engineering

a stereo - dual channel compressor limiter design based on the historic U73b 


opto 7 (dual mastering/mixing)

the opto seven is a dual channel all tube electroluminescent compressor.

based on the exact schematic of the historic 1968 LA2A compressor/limiter design


dual M5167sta compressor

a dual channel design of the gates M5167 compressor an amazing compressor using the 6386 tube

 drip  opto  SEVEN

drip opto SEVEN

 drip  opto SEVEN

drip opto SEVEN

 drip dual  STA

drip dual STA

Our 2018 SPRING line

drip is pleased to announce the 2018 spring line of designs


                       dual sta m5167