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note to clients and customers :

it has come to our attention MIC&MOD.com is selling  a 15 year old design ( la2a pcb ) .this legacy design  no longer meets 2017 IPC electrical standards and should be avoided . ( errors in the nomenclature (addressed with each paypal customer via technical notes 15 years ago) we will not support or offer any help with this do not ask.,  

drip does not use 3rd party distributors or support pcbs from 3rd parties unless verified by paypal transaction # (our only method of payment for 18 years) .



drip 670 ver3


If you have questions, need support for a build, or are looking to purchase our products, please feel free to email us at the addresses below. Once again, thank you for your patience

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A masterpiece

drip is pleased to announce the release of the 670 version 3 .

a beautiful and accurate recreation of the

classic fairchild 670 compressor limiter.

a new state of the art design 

available in pcb set