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Drip 175B

Considered one of the most musical sounding tube compressors of all time, The vintage UA 175B iconic flavor is the inspiration for the Drip 175B. An exact recreation of the UA 175B, Drip 175B adds a unique euphonic quality to anything that goes through it. The Drip 175B is an extremely versatile peak limiting amplifier with excellent limiting characteristics.

pcbs available in stock (11-30-2016) :


drip ultra british - tube mic pre

in stock : 4 available

$200 usd each (pcb only - does not include components) ($15 shipping)

Drip sta-compressor

black version soldermask


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drip EQ-1 equalizer pcb

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DRIP is pleased to announce the production of the ULTRA 'T' ATTENUATOR 

designed for 600 ohm or 200 ohm sources. 

ANY IMPEDANCE OF A BRIDGED 'T' ATTENUATOR MAY BE ACHIEVED (tested and intended for 600/600 or 200/200 OHMS)

gold plated / hard gold plated contacts and black sold mask / 3 oz copper on a .062 FR4 substrate (ROGERS substrate in review)

a solid plane of grounded copper on one side of each deck for shielding . 


the drip attenuator is designed around a SEIDEN 23 position dual deck shorting rotary switch with a beautiful throw and feel , a tactile response that reflects the quality.

the pcb attaches directly to the gold plated wiper of each deck ,

6 microns of gold plating on all contacts.

multiple connection options : 2.54mm spaced I/O pad and holes  allows use of termal blocks / IDC shielded ribbon cables / wire to board IDC terminals / or solder direct to board .

3.5 x 2.6 inches



the new updated ULTRA BRITISH tube microphone preamplifier 

the drip ULTRA | BRITISH mic pre 

now instock and shipping , 



2016 pcb inventory list :

drip-STA (now in black solder mask) (NOW IN STOCK)

drip-175B (6 in stock)

drip-670 version 3 (SOLD OUT)


drip ULTRA british tube mic pre (now in stock)

OPTO 6 - LA STYLE COMPRESSOR (1-3 available)



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A masterpiece

drip is pleased to announce the release of the 670 version 3 .

a beautiful and accurate recreation of the

classic fairchild 670 compressor limiter.

a new state of the art design 

available in pcb set