the new drip opto 7


drip is pleased to announce the release of the dual opto seven printed circuit board .

a beautiful dual optical compressor limiter design based on the 1968 LA2A comp/limiter design -

the new 2018 opto 7 pcb is a leap forward in vacuum tube audio design .

features :

1:1 circuit of the 1968 LA2A schematic 

all connections are through shielded  sma cables - essentially no soldering wires in this design 

front panel pcb makes wiring the entire front panel audio / metering and limiting controls a snap.

designed for sowter or lundahl audio transformers ( will work with any applicable transformers rated for the circuit if mounted off board)

option to hard wire individual controls to the pcb or use sma cables for most connections  (metering is connected through a ribbon cable to the control pcb)

comes with tube regulated power supply and dc heaters for ultra quiet operation.

pre-order price : $320 usd includes shipping

est shipping date : february 14 2018


the new dual DRIP-STA compressor

dreip is pleased to announce the release of the dual DRIP-STA a dual mono compressor pcb with total acuracy of the original gates design - this pcb is for pre-order and will ship in aprox 7-10 days (1/8/2018)

this pcb includes the main pcb  and optional front panel card for pcb mounted controls and a tube rectified power supply with dc heaters and regulated high voltage -' set and forget' 

videos and documents should appear in a few days .

price 275$ usd shipping is included


the new DUAL drip U73b compressor/limiter pcb


       the drip dual U73b compressor limiter pcb is now available for pre order

DRIP is pleased to announce the release of the dual U73b feed forward vacuum tube compressor limiter pcb .

this new pcb is a masterpiece in engineering and design , a faithful 1:1 recreation of the this german classic .

a first in the world release . this new pcb is designed to work with the sowter line of transformers especially created for drip .

the pcb will only be available for pre-order (est. delivery date is 2 weeks) then the design with be put into commercial release and become unavailable . drip customers are welcome to have the release first !

pcb set includes vacuum tube power supply pcb and optional front panel pcb 

price : 350 USD ( contact for any questions)

a video overview and commentary  will be posted later today (1/3/2018)

more images of the design will also be available shortly.



drip 670 ver3


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A masterpiece

drip is pleased to announce the release of the 670 version 3 .

a beautiful and accurate recreation of the

classic fairchild 670 compressor limiter.

a new state of the art design 

available in pcb set