we are now re-ordering our top selling inventory of pcb's 

please contact sales@dripelectronics.com  to reserve or request which pcb's we print first .


drip is returning to our core mission of providing the highest quality audio designs for musicians and producers .

our original product line had been put on hold for a year while we focused on the new 670 version 3 design . 

over the past couple of years , the complexity of the research and development put these products on limited supply .

well ....

drip is back !

drip design catalog of printed circuit boards  :

DRIP ultra micpre (with british mods)

altec 436 compressor (with british mods) .

v72 german type mic-pre

urei 175B

opto 6 ( optical LA2a ) compressor

drip STA - comp

fairchild 670

eqp1a equalizer

UE-100 equalizer (12 tubes per channel)


contact sales@dripelectronics