Transformers, BOM's and the 2db Step Attenuator

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."

H. P. Lovecraft


For those who are new to this building world, just a schematic can elicit fear. But, fear not, my friends... you got this, and I am here beside you to offer as much support as you need. Think of me as your security blanket- well, don't really, cause that's weird, but you get the analogy. Now that we just got hella awkward with each other... let's get down to business.

My goal with this blog is to answer frequently asked questions in an in depth way- through pictorials, diagrams, and spun words. So, I you find me repeating myself, it is simply because it is what the people want. If you have questions that I am not answering, please feel free to contact me at: 

First off, there are some changes to the Sowter transformers for the OPTO 6: the 1009E has changed to the 1449E. (Remember, all changes and updates on things like this are available on the front page of the website.)

We have also been receiving questions about the 2db step attenuators (600T and 200T) BOMs... below are the links to both Mouser carts, and the Digikey cart. 

200T Attenuator:

600T Attenuator:

Digikey Cart:

The Digikey cart is for both attenuators.

Now, back to the 670... 




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