Good morning! Hope ya'll are having a kick ass weekend... we sure are here at Drip. Things are moving quickly here, and we are excited to be putting together more comprehensive  manuals for you to ease not only your mind, but to make this build fun... cause this should be fun, and not stressful.

It's my job to stress about these things... and to make your life easier.

This morning I have been working on creating a legend, and explanation of the wiring for the Hammond transformer. I hope you enjoy!

Once again, if you have further questions, or have something very specific you want/need me to break the f*ck down, holla at me @ zoi@drip electronics. com. 

Here is the link to the badassery I have been doing this morning: https://ws.onehub.com/files/dcrdafvb

Have a great day, and if you are building today, remember, this is fun! :)



gregory lomayesva