drip model : dual sta M5167

drip 2018 model of the M5167 (STA) is an amazing new design of two fully isolated channels of glorious μ-mu compression

a classic feedback compressor design.

Known for its well tempered nature, the Drip Sta is one of the best  sonic investments you can make. Elegantly designed, Drip Sta maintains the original circuit and 6386 compressor tube of the legendary 1956 Gates Sta-Level. Having once dominated the sound of 1960's hit radio, this super musical sounding compressor has found its way into the hits of today, and into the hearts of engineers everywhere. Like its vintage inspiration, Drip Sta is incredibly musical, giving you a natural warm tone, and a fat full bloom from hi hats to the thick bass of rock and roll.


IMG_8866-dual STA components -clear.jpg

Feature 1

each channel of the drip sta-contains a fully independent high voltage regulated  power supply , this not only isolates each channel  but allows the design to  retains 100% of the original , tube compliment including the OB2 glow tube

all connections use sma shielded connectors for ultra low noise , however you may hardwire each control or simply use the ribbon cable port to conveniently connect to the front panel control board , highly flexible and hassle free.

the power connections a only two separate wires (SMA type)  a simple connection to the PSU board (included) - essentially installing the main pcb is amazing - 4 wires out and a ribbon cable , now that is DRIP.


Feature 2

we have chosen some of the highest  quality component footprints for our design utilizing wima and vishay polypropylene signal capacitors alaong with resistor footprints that allow larger audio grade resistors such as amtrans AMRG Series.  The input transformer is on the main board allowing use of the SOWTER or LUNDAHL transformers. the large output transformer should be securely mounted off the pcb due to its size and weight however all output transformer connections are conveniently made to the pcb with a screw type barrier stip .




Feature 3

the new drip sta was designed with the highest regard for signal architecture and very low noise  , we maintain 100% of the original schematic and tube complimenmt.

the drip dual sta m5167