2018 an interview for designs for tea collection :  http://blog.teacollection.com/gregory-lomayesva


drip electronics is a project of gregory lomayesva . 

at a time when vintage recording equipment was out of the reach of most recording musicians and engineers ,

drip electronics began its mission . to bring vintage to the masses without sacrificing signal integrity . 

we are a profitable seemingly non profit company since we spend most of what we make on research and equipment . 

designing printed circuit boards is usually done by a engineer with no experience of symmetry and balance . 

gregory lomayesva is a hopi indian artist with  20 years experience in  the field of design and 10 years in charge of drip.

this combination of artistic symmetry and electrical engineering have been the key to drip's success . 

the circuits have an organic and functional look to them in the same breath . 

they perform identical to their original origins given the correct components are selected . 

we have modeled our designs on the elegance of vintage point to point wiring , 

and implemented it into a formula of modern circuit board design .

we spare no expense on our research . and most of our designs are 99% faithful to the vintage model . 

(give or take for safety and modern electrical codes)

when a circuit is condensed with uniformity in arrangement , the shortest signal path becomes apparent.

welcome to drip .