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Opto 4 (LA-2A)


Price: $165.00 (+ shipping)

Drip Electronics proudly releases the next level in LA style optical compression:
The new OPTO 4 printed circuit board this special edition pcb has been designed for the many who have requested a higher performance pcb in the OPTO line. On a design level, we have pulled out all the stops, from a larger format pcb /gold plating and red solder mask. The new Version 4 incorporates the highly effective design of the Opto 3, and has been updated with several new features, including the use of Dual T4B optical cells. This new feature allows selection between a fast, medium, or slow release t4 - a perfect option to better match compression styles for different types of source material.

Another feature is the new full star ground structure. Each resistor and capacitor in the amplifier section is given its own return path to a perfect star to keep unwanted noise and hum from being injected into the amplifier. To protect the pcb’s lifespan and allow for the use of high-end solder, we have chosen gold plating (ENIG) for the finish.

The noise floor on the opto 4 is very low and is comparable to its point to point counterparts. Designed around the same concept as the vintage model, the power section also incorporates the use of large format axial filtering capacitors. This unique upgrade allows the use of capacitors by mundorf / jensen / CDE / or sprague. All offer superior ripple rejection and performance over the tiny radial caps found in most production compressors.



For questions, please email: info@dripelectronics.com